New Feature! New Strap System and added padding to protect your Jeep Wrangler Hardtop!

Our original 2015 J-BARR model came with rubber coated cables. Do to high customer demand we have since update the rubber cables with 1.5 inch load strap rated to 900 lbs each.  You can also see that we have updated the latching system for our 2016 J-BARR model. Previously we used a single safety pin system when attaching the rubber coated cables. With this new improvement it has reduced the rocking in hands when using the handles to maneuver the hardtop.


Summary/Other Features/ Key Points:

  • 1.5 inch webbing rated for a 900 lb working load
  • Added shammy ( super soft material) sleeve to protect hardtop where strap meets. 
  • Improved Latch System
  • Box stitching ( each set is stitched by a local vendor)




Keep checking back as we release more and more information about our updated 2016 J-BARR. 

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