Good to Know

  • J-BARR INC. was founded in 2013
  • Innovative, rugged, and simple to use we believe the J-BARR is the ultimate Jeep hardtop removal hoist and storage system. 
  • The J-BARR is unique since it can be used as a ceiling mountable removal system or a portable one. If you are on the go the handle bars on each side allow for 2 people to remove and maneuver the hardtop once it is detached. What if I don't have someone to help me remove the top? No problem, simply use our winch that comes with or kitted package to easily remove the top. Already have a winch that you want to use, great we sell just the J-BARR for those of you who already have a winch system installed or want to purchase one from a third party. 
  • The J-BARR is proudly made in the U.S.A., the materials are sourced within a 50 mile radius of our home location in Gibson City, Il. We have partnered with tenured and reputable local businesses to bring you what we feel like is a great solution to removing your Jeep Wrangler hardtop. We do our very best  to find and source all our material close to home. The winch we sell in our kits is third party and not made in the USA  but feel it is a great all around solution. We do buy our winches from a local vendor. 
  • We use precision water jetting for all of our cuts so that there are no burrs or unwanted rough surfaces. All the pieces are interlocking and we have added a 7/8 inch aluminum rod that spans the entire length of the J-BARR. 
  • We know you take pride in owning your Wrangler and we want you to take pride in owning a J-BARR, that is why we put some much time and effort into each one. When you hold the J-BARR we hope you feel you have purchased a premium product and take pride in that ownership. We back all our purchases with a 30-Day return policy. 

More Details

  • Powdered Coated Finish (same paint used on industrial farm equipment...will last for years.)
  • Fits both 2-door and 4-door Jeep Wrangler Models from 2007 - Present. Have an older Jeep Wrangler model? Call us and we can customize the strap length  to fit your Wrangler hardtop. This process may take sometime but we will work with you to make sure it works. 
  • The J-BARR as an all aluminum frame making it not only strong but lightweight as well. We have also added a 7/8 inch rod that spans the entire J-BARR  
  • Water Jetted Precision Cut Pieces
  • The attachment straps have a working load of 900 lbs each are boxed stitched with strongest nylon thread we could find....plenty of strength there.
  • Made in the U.S.A. 
  • We sell the entire kit including mounting hardware in our kitted version. 
  • To secure the components in place we use an industrial grade epoxy that is produced by JB Weld. The epoxy is rated at 3800 PSI. Once the epoxy has cured it is as strong as any weld. 
  • We have added an additional micro fleece that covers the portion of the attachment straps that comes into contact with your Jeep Wrangler for added protection.
  • We now fit the NEW JEEP GLADIATOR!

J-BARR INC. is not affiliated with Jeep or  FCA US LLC.

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Visit our product page, select your model, and purchase your J-BARR kit. Make sure to watch the install video before delivery.