New! J-BARR 2016 Model. A quick preview! Some major updates and improvements.

With the new year on it's way we wanted to give brief look at what the new 2016 J-BARR Model will bring to the table. We have listened over the last year and have made multiple improvements to the J-BARR. 



  1. Improved NO WELD Design. No more welding on center piece or safety clip tabs. We have improved our manufacturing process over the past year and have eliminated the need for any welding. We have switched to industrial grade epoxy is rated to 3000 psi. This epoxy is as strong as any weld.
  2. Stronger. We have added a 7/8 aluminum rod that spans the whole length of the J-BARR.  This does add a little weight but adds strength and durability to the unit and removes almost any flex when the J-BARR is under load.
  3. New Straps w/ added padding. The original units we sold came with a rubber coated cable as the strap. The new 2016 model will now come 1.5 inch straps with additional padding for where it touches your hardtop. These straps are rated for 900 lbs, so plenty of strength there. Also with the adding padding there is no chance of scratching your hardtop. All the straps are box stitched for durability.
  4. Complete written instructions. We have a comprehensive video of how to install a J-BARR but have since created a paper install guide that can be downloaded here. 

Other things to note:

  • New and Improved Website. Faster and more secure. We have changed platforms. We now have account login so you can stay up to date on our latest products and promotions. Also we have switched over https: for our whole sight keeping your personal information safe.
  • New Products and Partnerships. Keep your eyes peeled as we continue to expand and bring new product offerings and partners to our website. Be sure to subscribe or register  to get the latest news.

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