What models of Jeep Wrangler does the J-BARR fit?

The J-BARR currently fits both 2-door and 4-door models from 2007-Current. We can also custom fit the J-BARR cables to fit older models, please email us at service@j-barr.com if this is something you need.

Do the cables stretch or ruin the back window rubber gasket?

No. the cables are rubber coated and will not scratch or damage the hardtop or rubber gasket in back window.

What is the difference between the 2015 model and 2016 model?

  1. Improved Interlocking Design. No more welding on center piece or safety clip tabs. We have improved our manufacturing process over the past year and have eliminated the need for any welding. We have switched to industrial grade epoxy is which is rated to 3800 psi. 
  2. Stronger. We have added a 7/8 aluminum rod that spans the whole length of the J-BARR.  This does add a little weight but adds strength and durability to the unit and removes almost any flex when the J-BARR is under load.
  3. New Straps w/ added padding. The original units we sold came with a rubber coated cable as the strap. The new 2016 model will now come 1.5 inch straps with additional padding for where it touches your hardtop. These straps are rated for a 900 lb working load each, so plenty of strength there. Also with the adding padding there is no chance of scratching your hardtop. All the straps are box stitched for durability.
  4. Complete written instructions. We have a comprehensive video of how to install a J-BARR but have since created a paper install guide that can be downloaded here. 

Can I just buy the J-BARR by itself?

Yes. We sell the unit just with cables and safety clips. This is great option if you already own a winch or pulley system.

Where are we located? Can we pick up locally if we order online?

We are located in central Illinois. Yes, if you order online you can pick up locally just email us the details of your order and we can have a unit ready for you to pick up.

Where are the J-BARR units made?

We manufacture and make all the J-BARR units in our local shop located in Gibson City, Illinois. We source the majority of our components and material from vendors within our immediate area.

Do you guys make the winch that sell in your kit?

No. We buy this from a third-party wholesaler who is located locally.

Does the back door of Jeep Wrangler close with using the J-BARR?

Yes. You can still close the back glass window when you are using the J-BARR. There is about a ½ inch gap.

Does the J-BARR kit come with an install guide?

Yes. We have added a complete paper install guide to every unit we sell. You can also find a comprehensive video of us installing a unit a customer’s garage. Please visit our Video tab on our website. Also click here for a downloadable version of complete install guide.


How much clearance do I need to install the J-BARR?

We suggest having at least 20 inches of clearance from the top of your Jeep to the ceiling in your garage.

Do you make straps for older model Jeeps?

Yes. Please email us or call us to talk about the process for special orders. 




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