J-BARR: Door Hangs (Set of 2)
J-BARR: Door Hangs (Set of 2)
J-BARR: Door Hangs (Set of 2)

J-BARR: Door Hangs (Set of 2)

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Looking for a more convenient way to store your doors? We have a solution! The J-BARR door hangs are the only product on the market that allow one to hang their doors in the traditional manner or use the window sill. 


  • Compatible will all Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator Doors.
  • Made with 100% Lexan plastic. The same material they use to make bulletproof glass!
  • Innovative patent pending design. What makes our product unique is the ability to hang the doors in the traditional manner or hang the doors in the lip of the window. This puts less strain on the door and a smaller risk in scratching the the paint.
  • Install in just minutes. 

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It has never been easier.

The J-BARR system allows one person to easily remove and store their hardtop. We are the only modular system on the market than will fit three different vehicles with just a simple adjustment of the straps.